Passionate about storytelling since a young age, James grew up with a fascination for fiction. Be it film, television, comics or novels, he was always interested in new worlds and interesting characters. It wasn’t until high school, when James got his first taste of the filmmaking process, that he knew how he would focus that passion.

Dropping out after a short stint at Toronto Film School in 2008, James pursued more pragmatic methods for developing his style and expanding his understanding of film language: making films. He wrote and directed two short films in 2008: Trigger and In Between Dreams. Trigger went on to play half a dozen film festivals across North America. Elijah the Prophet is his third short film, and he has recently acquired the rights to adapt the comic story Crossroad Blues from Image Comics (publisher of The Walking Dead) into what he intends to be his fourth short.

When he’s not behind the camera, James moonlights as a comic writer, having self published his first graphic novel, Ban: Sidekicked in 2010. The following year, James collaborated with Eisner award winning comic writer/artist Ty Templeton to contribute a story to issue two of Templeton`s comic series Holmes Incorporated. In 2012, James has a story being released by Viper Comics for their Cryptophobia series as well as two contributions to issue three of Holmes Incorporated.

Recently, James authored the book Kickstarter for Filmmakers, drawing on his experience crowd funding Elijah the Prophet to build a resource guide that will help lead his peers to success on platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

James continues to focus his storytelling abilities, both on the screen and on the page, and has numerous projects in various stages of development.


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