Holmes Inc. #3!

I’ve been spending so much time excited about Kickstarter for Filmmakers that I’ve neglected to pump up my latest comic project!

If you’ll recall, last year I contributed to a kick-ass anthology comic called Holmes Inc. that was created by none other than Ty Templeton. Last year’s story, The Family Name, told the story of Elizabeth and Trey hunting down the man responsible for stealing the spyglass from Sherlock’s grave.

I have not one, but TWO stories in this year’s edition of the comic. I team with Brice Hall on the story Night of the Living, in which Elizabeth and Trey are thrust into what appears to be a zombie outbreak at a mall, and Jeff Longstreet handled the art on my one page story, Special Guest, which features Artie.

Below are a couple pages from Night of the Living as well as a freebie look at Special Guest. I love the way they both turned out. Holmes Inc. is always a lot of fun to work on.

If you’re interested in learning about making comics with Ty, you should check out his brand spankin’ new cartooning school: Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp.

Night of the Living (page one & two)

Special Guest

About cooperjim

My latest short film, Elijah the Prophet, stars Art Hindle and Melanie Nicholls-King. I just recently released my first ebook, Kickstarter for Filmmakers. Also, I write comics.

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