Things have been moving full-speed ahead over here, so I haven’t been giving much attention to the site, so my apologies for that.

Elijah the Prophet is wrapping up post production, and is nearly complete, which is really exciting. I think we’ve got something really special here, and hope you guys agree when you get to see it.

Over the past six months or so, I’ve been writing a book called Kickstarter for Filmmakers. It’s a pet project I took on after we succeeded in raising the funds for Elijah, and it’s almost ready for release. Once we were successful, I found myself talking to a lot of people who were asking how we did it, or if I had advice for them if they were to pursue a campaign of their own. It was then that I realized a guide could be really beneficial to some people, so I set out to compile everything I’ve learned about running a Kickstarter, plus additional research and a thorough breakdown of the campaign for Elijah the Prophet. The end result will be a 60ish page ebook that I intend to sell dirt cheap, both directly via DRM-free PDF as well as through Kindle, iBooks, etc.

I’m also hard at work contributing to the new issue of Holmes Inc. If you liked my story from last year, you’ll love what I have up my sleeve this time. I’m paired with a fantastic artist by the name of Brice Hall who is busting out really cool, dynamic work. Looking forward to you all being able to read it!

My Cryptophobia story is still happening, we’re just waiting on Viper Comics to sort out their release schedule.

Lastly, I have a secret film project in the works. I’ve acquired the rights to a comic book property to adapt it into a short film. Going to be pretty awesome if we can get the funds together for it. I’ll be announcing more as we have something more concrete.

Oh, and just as a side note, I’m still writing the weekly Bagged & Bored comic over at TDot Comics, so stop by every Monday for the latest episode!

I’ll try to make sure the next update doesn’t take so long. Until next time!



About cooperjim

My latest short film, Elijah the Prophet, stars Art Hindle and Melanie Nicholls-King. I just recently released my first ebook, Kickstarter for Filmmakers. Also, I write comics.

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