Meet Meme

Social media has his the internet like a storm, and everyone is linked up on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, their blogs, blah blah blah. It’s an exciting time in the short life of the internet, and it doesn’t seem like social is going away any time soon.

Enter Meet Meme.

Meet Meme is a new, awesome idea, that involves turning your online persona into a trading card. Yes, Meet Meme lets you live out your childhood fantasy of having your own trading card. I’m not the only one with that fantasy, right? … right?

The idea is simple and very cool: choose from a selection of templates, upload a photo, type out a bio and some extra info, and then you add any social media accounts you have as well as any websites you want included. Meet Meme takes your social sites and websites and creates your own personalized QR code that smartphones can scan, at which point links to all the sites you’ve included pop up. Also cool: Your Twitter handle/followers show up on the card.

The process is simple and intuitive, and the finished product looks fantastic:

I see Meet Meme as becoming the new business card for the social-savvy. It’s fun, looks cool, and is vastly more effective than simply having a hundred links written out on your business card. Best of all, it’s reasonably priced, too!

20 cards = $8.75, 50 cards = $15, 100 cards = $27   plus $1.99 shipping. There’s also an option for branded/corporate cards if you’re a fancy big shot.


So if you’re into social, and want a fun, funky alternative to the tried and true business card, check out Meet Meme and tell them James Cooper sent you. It won’t get you a discount or anything, it’ll just make me seem like a bigger deal than I am, and I like that.

Also, full disclosure, the good folks at Meet Meme sent me my cards for free. They saw me talking about the cards with a friend on Twitter and offered me a freebie order. In exchange, they said, if I like it, they’d appreciate if I’d help get the word out. In no way did their offer influence my opinion of the product, but I thought it was worth saying, for any conspiracy theorists out there who find out I didn’t pay for my cards and assume they’re buying me off. You know, because my opinion is worth enough to bribe me into shit.



About cooperjim

My latest short film, Elijah the Prophet, stars Art Hindle and Melanie Nicholls-King. I just recently released my first ebook, Kickstarter for Filmmakers. Also, I write comics.

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